Drove I:
Two Points

Drove I


San Francisco, CA

Drove I investigated the dynamics of distance. 


Chlo & Co Dance presented Non-Concentric Circles, based entirely on material that was generated when Courtney King and Chloë Zimberg were separated by two state lines for a series of weeks. With a generative process structured around developing material each week and recording thoughts each day, the piece sought to discover how two independent bodies of material can integrate and relate after experiencing distance.

Guests delved into the ways distance manifests in: the state of the spiritual and physical body; relationships to home, to childhood, to the future; proximity and senses of security; encounters with other people; choice making.

Drove I Artists

Melissa Lewis

Prompt: How might something change or not when returning to it after a long time? Childhood memories. Plans for the future.

Artist Statement: They were all taken on 35mm film in Kathmandu, Nepal. The images are a revisiting and a referencing to when her family lived in Kathmandu from 1996-1997. In 2013 she returned, yearning to capture her earliest memories—of the markets, the smells, the fear, the sacred, the otherness, and the home. I turned 5 riding an elephant. is an elegy to the foreign textures of her childhood.

Melissa is an SF dancer, photographer, and coffee connoisseur. She is the Co-Artistic Director of hers & hers and dances with detour dance. Melissa shoots 35mm film and volunteers at the Harvey Milk Photography Center. Contact her for shoots and print purchases at: mlewis.gumei@gmail.com


Sienna Williams

Prompt: How can you feel far from something when you have it in close proximity to you? How can you feel close to something when it is far away? How does each kind of distance ripple differently, possibly creating security or insecurity?

Choreography and Performance: Sienna Williams
Audio: Lisa Stansfield, “All Around the World”; Pretty Taking All Fades, “Boss Ass Bitch”; Nancy Sinatra, “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise”

Sienna Williams graduated from USF last May and since then she has held about eleven different jobs all while convincing herself that she is in fact living the dream in her post-grad life. Recently, she has had the honor of working with hers & hers in ODC Pilot 67 and will reprise the work with them at SAFEhouse on May 11th and 12th. To her fellow millennials she bids,” keep up the faith and never stop listening to Lemonade.”


Clarissa Ko & Melissa Mancini

Prompt: How is distance created by choice? Suggested song: Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens.

Choreography: Clarissa Ko & Melissa S. Mancini
Performance: Clarissa Ko, Nyla Leonardi, and Melissa Mancini
Audio: Christine and the Queens, “Saint Claude”

Melissa Mancini and Clarissa Ko are graduating from the University of San Francisco with BAs in Performing Arts and Social Justice (dance). Trained in many styles of dance, their movement explores versatility and personal challenge. They dance together in the companies: Vitality Dance SF and VarCity SF, and have worked with choreographers such as Eli Nelson, Matt Montenegro, Dexandro “D” Montalvo, Jenny McAllister, and detour dance.


Sarah Bush Dance Project

Prompt: Investigate the idea of “home” in the body. How does the body communicate that it is near or far from home? How does the body hold multiple senses of home at the same time that in actuality are far from one another?

Choreography: Sarah Bush
Performance: Nina Wu
Audio Composition: Sarah Bush
Poem: Sarah Webster Fabio, “My Own Thing”

Sarah Bush Dance Project is an Oakland-based dance company, formed in 2007 to promote innovative artistry, community interaction, and feminist ideals through the creation and presentation of multimedia dance. Up next: This Land Oakland – Bringing The Outside In Sun May 22nd 8pm Laney College Theater Oakland.