Drove II:
Are You Having Fun Yet?

Drove II

FALL 2016

San Francisco, CA

Drove II questioned how the idea of “fun” manifests from a multitude of circumstances.



Chlo & Co Dance presented several vignettes and a new work, Grim Girls, Appearing Tonight As. Facing transition and challenged by the pace and expectations of the city, Courtney King and Chloë Zimberg continually found conversations reflecting on what fun is and how, why, and when it occurs. The vignettes and new work responded to their awareness that there may not be a single answer.

Guest artists responded to the concepts and prompts generated by Courtney and Chloë’s conversations, and the way that the notion of “fun” presents both challenge and joy: when it is fleeting, depletes, is physical, youthful, infinite, independent, stereotypical, or genuine…

Drove II Artists

Sophie Peoples

Prompt: “We are the fun girls,” the fun girls at the party who get along with everyone. They drink, smoke and are always coming from someplace tropical. It’s hard to imagine them actually existing anywhere except for at that party. When you are having fun and people question or challenge its appearance, “Are you okay? You don’t seem like you’re having fun.”

Artist Statement: Fun may seem effortless, but it’s is tucked in the seams of that girl at the party. She glitters, she glows, she’s the one everyone knows. Her words few, intentions true. Trinkets carried around, dazzle crowds. She sneaks you treats, adorns your hands with sparklers. You (both) feel alive in the night time.

Sophie Peoples is a queer artist, observer and coffee spiller living in San Francisco. She enjoys dancing and haribo gummy cherries. Her mind works by way of visual lists, which is reflected in her art. She enjoys monochromatic palettes and all things glitter. Find her: personally: @sophiehoney, professionally: sophiepeoples.com, intimately: spillinghands.tumblr.com


Julia Ballenger

Prompt: Fun sought after and achieved by being alone. Taking yourself somewhere, treating yourself kindly, dancing alone, playing a song on repeat.

Artist Statement: We are infiltrated with imagery that tells us we are not good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough. I seek to make imagery that encourages rebellion to that ideal.

Julia Ballenger is a Ceramics artist and illustrator from Boise, Idaho. She works out of her studio in the mission. In addition to making work, she teaches sculpture and ceramics at Clay by the Bay studio. Find her work at juliaballenger.com and @Julia_ballenger


For Change Dance Collective

Prompt: The concepts:Adrenaline, Chemical and Non-emotional. Experimenting with one person always off stage/missing.

Choreography and Performance: Jessica de Leon, Samantha Nielsen, Rosalinda Ortega & Lindsay Wakayama
Audio: The Head & The Heart

Rosie Ortega and her dancers are all graduates of Santa Clara University with dance training in both Modern & Ballet. They are all members of for change dance collective, a democratic dance company that has performed throughout the bay area using their stories to inspire social change and awareness.


Aiano Nakagawa &
Elizabeth Bressler


Prompt: Being “aware that you are having the time of your life.” Age, youth, time. Passing. The YOLO fad. The “honey-moon,” phase when you are seeking fun and doing activities. The phrase “...our imagined self importance...” Experimenting with everyone having a moment of solo.

Choreography and Performance: Aiano Nakagawa & Elizabeth Bressler
Audio and text: Peter Sarstedt, Carter Heyward, and Kurt Vonnegut

Aiano Nakagawa & Elizabeth Bressler continue the nine year, never ending conversation.


Garth Grimball

Prompt: When something stops being fun that previously was. Do you keep doing it or not? Why or why not?
"When you aren’t having fun but you have to pretend because your best friend wanted to go out and you love them and want them to be happy." The concept of the daily grind. Experimenting with constant motion.

Choreography and Performance: Garth Grimball
Audio: Rihanna

Garth Grimball is a native of North Carolina where he received his BA in Anthropology and Dance at UNC Asheville. He danced with Asheville Ballet for five seasons performing new and repertory works. He received his MFA in choreography and performance from Mills College where he was the recipient of the Liatis Foundation Dance Scholarship award and performed in works by Merce Cunningham, Mel Wong, Sonya Delwaide, Sheldon Smith, Katie Faulkner, and Molissa Fenley. He currently dances with Dana Lawton Dances and Wax Poet(s).


Arletta Anderson &
Adam Smith


Prompt: When fun is impermanent or rendered from a not-fun situation. When joy is surprising or strikes suddenly. Actual joy. What materials can you bring on to stage to help explore this?

Created by Arletta Anderson / Adam Smith
Performance: Adam Smith
Audio: Ace of Base

Arletta Anderson / Adam Smith are a dance artist and a theater artist, respectively. Together they make multidisciplinary work that exists in real time: there are no characters, no fake sets, no suspension of disbelief. They are currently in residence at CounterPulse developing weather // body for April 2017.


Fullstop Dance

Prompt: The concept of infinite pleasure in the present, and each dancer having time in solo material.

Choreography: Fullstop Dance
Performance: Katie Florez (Fri), Natalie Grant (Sat), Rachel Laws and Katie Meyers
Audio: Jacob Ter Velduis, Jeroen Van Veen, Nils Frahm and Powell

Fullstop Dance is an SF-based dance collective that creates and shares work through performances, movement workshops and video projects. This past year Fullstop had the opportunity to perform at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance as well as LEVYsalon. In January they’ll be collaborating with LinsDans, a Bay Area solo artist and are thrilled to be a part of this iteration of the Drove.