Drove III

Drove III



San Francisco, CA

Drove III examined mysticism and the inevitable.


Chlo & Co Dance premiered Illuminati, a new project shaped from airplanes, clouds and turning left. With an interest in how to challenge and inspect the ways that mysticism and the inevitable interact, the duo opened their process to allow the piece to shift and change with different spaces, times, and contexts. They also presented a new piece, 21 First Moves Feat Chloë.

Guest artists joined in the exploration, tackling space: big and little, orbits, sound, weight and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Drove III Artists

Eric Eich/Silk Worm & Brittany Newell

Prompt: The Shining, Fox Decomposition, Carrie Blood and suggested song, Landslide.

Collaborating Artists Eric Eich/Silk Worm and Brittany Newell are drag queens with IBS.


Edgar Mendez

Prompt: Airplanes, clouds, silhouettes, dark figures, cloud people. The Wikipedia page on Gravity. Suggested audio: The Space Tapes - Shura.

Choreography: Edgar Mendez in collaboration with Dancers
Performance: Tashanay Spain and Jamie Lynne
Audio: Shura and Dustin O’Halloran

Edgar Mendez is a San Francisco native and a graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California with a split major in Dance and English. Over the course of his studies he found that dance was the only thing that fueled his soul and knew that this was what he wanted to experience in his life daily. He is currently a company member with Stranger Lover Dreamer and Davalos Dance company and has worked with choreographers Catherine Marie Davalos, Rogelio Lopez, Bliss Kohlmyer, Shaunna Vella, and Elizebeth Randall to name a few.


Krimm (Kim Ip)

Prompt: Storm Clouds, weather, natural disaster, the inevitable, the movie Twister, and suggested audio Colony - Delerium.

Choreography and Performance: Krimm (Kim Ip)
Audio: Jlin

Kim Ip plopped into Oakland in 2010 and is not-so-freshly hatched from Mills College. When she’s not dancing, she works as a Pilates teacher and faux-mommy with the babies of SF. She completed a residency at SafeHouse Arts in 2016 and is an Artist in Residence at Shawl-Anderson. She currently dances for STEAMROLLER, Aisan Hoss, and her own project, Krimm’s Dance Party. She is honoured to be sharing the bill with such incredible bae area artists.


Hanna Rose Stangebye

Prompt: Stomach upturned, anti-gravity, descending into darkness. Focus on speed. Movie inspiration Gravity and Interstellar. Suggested song: Interstellar - Frankie Rose.

Choreography and Performance: Hanna Rose Stangebye, Katharine Gripp, and Natalie Marinkovich
Costumes: Rachel Levine
Audio: Frankie Rose with mixing by Hanna Rose Stangebye

Hanna Rose Stangebye has a BFA in Dance From Western Michigan University and her primary forms of training include ballet, modern, and jazz. Since relocating to San Francisco Hanna Rose has performed as a freelance artist with various groups and as a soloist. She has been a resident artist with SAFEhouse on and off since 2014. Hanna Rose also teaches group fitness classes and has been the Managing Director at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts since 2016. In the fall, Hanna Rose will be attending the Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory here in San Francisco in the pursuit of all that is funny.


Courtney Hope
8, 767, 128

Prompt: THX Sound Intro, the whale in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and suggested song: What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? - Peggy Lee.

Choreography and Performance: Courtney Hope
Audio: Quincy Vidal, Dr. James A. Moorer and Peggy Lee

Courtney Hope has collaborated with PUSH, David Herrera Performance Company, Sarah Bush Dance Project, Soulskin, and Bay Area Dance Collective lead by Khala Brannigan. She has performed at ODC Theatre, Z-space, Levy Salon and Dance Mission Theatre among others. Courtney has performed her own choreography at Levy Salon, SAFEhouse and The Hatch where she premiered her first production, CASUAL.