Drove IV

Spring 2018
May 11 & 12

Joe Goode Annex

Drove IV examined need.

Drove IV Main Image

Chlo & Co Dance and the Joe Goode Annex present Drove IV. Chlo & Co Dance is proud to curate an evening of Bay Area artists unpacking the nuance of human need. Drove IV featured guest work from: bananarama | Call It Art | Jaq H. Dalziel | ReadyMaids | STEAMROLLER Dance Company.

Chlo & Co Dance premiered Basic. The company investigated how various needs manifest, resonate, and affect the body. Loosely borrowing from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the duo were interested in exploring the differences between individual experience of need and what could be universal. Guest artists joined by diving into specific categories of basic human needs.

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Drove IV Artists


Choreography & Performance: Clarissa Dyas, Kassidy Friend, Nicole Maimon, Manuel Mendoza
Music: The Mamas and the Papas, n u a g e s

Hey, what's up! We're bananrama, a performing arts collective that focuses on social justice. We're here to disrupt Western dance norms and have a good time!


Call It Art
With Both Hands

Choreography: Kyle Limin
Performance: Celina Culver, Dominique Hargrove, Vincent Hwang, Leah Worthington, Kyle Limin
Music: Marian Hill, Greg Wanders, Fleet Foxes

Call It Art is a contemporary project created by Kyle Limin. The San Francisco native has been a principal dancer and contributing choreographer to local hip hop companies such as Funk Beyond Control, Mind Over Matter, Funkanometry SF, and Groove Against the Machine. He also teaches throughout the Bay Area.


Jaq H. Dalziel

Choreography: Jaq H. Dalziel with insight from Thea Patterson
Performance: Jaq H. Dalziel & Thea Patterson
Music: Sweet Unrest, Apparat + Goodbye, Apparat feat. Soap&Skin
Film: Jaq H. Dalziel

Jaq H. Dalziel is a white, agender trans artist who received dance training from University of Alaska (BFA) and Mills College (MFA). They have been a teaching artist for 10 years while also choreographing and performing independently as well as with their new/mixed media company, jaqxeden-marcel. Jaq’s works have been shown in Anchorage, Ogden, Chicago, NYC, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, LA, SF and multiple East Bay cities.


See Me Hear You

Choreography: ReadyMaids + Ensemble
Performance: Armineh Astanbous, Rachael Cleveland, Emma Lanier, Niklas Lollo, Anna Muselmann, Samuel Sharkey, Magnolia Vahey
Music: Rae Diamond

ReadyMaids, Anna Muselmann and Rachael Cleveland, create site specific, movement-based performance work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With backgrounds in dance, visual art, philosophy, semiotics, sports, and landscape architecture their work explores perception at various temporal and spatial scales, from the personal to the ecological. They are particularly curious about demystifying dance by drawing on everyday movement and sound as expressive material available to all embodied life. The sensory intimacy of sound is fundamental to their work as it reveals the primal, spontaneous, and uninhibited. Collaboration is central to their creative process and interest in supporting new perspectives and techniques of expression.

Rachael Cleveland is a movement-based artist, dance teacher, and landscape designer. Anna Muselmann is a painter and experimental dance-filmmaker who uses color and composition to bring emotional focus to often-overlooked pedestrian details.


Glamazon Bitch or
The Exquisite Faggotry of Adam Rippon

Choreography: STEAMROLLER Dance Company
Music: Troye Sivan, Ida Corr, Fedde le Grand

Jesselito Bie moved to the Bay Area in 1992 to dance with the High Risk Group and has since performed with many local companies such as Scott Wells and Dancers, Stephen Pelon Dance Company, Cid Perlman/Nesting Dolls, Kulintang Arts and Erika Shurch Performance Project. He has also received awards for his choreography from the SF Bay Guardian, the 360 Award from CSUEB for all around Outstanding and Outrageous Queer Dance Work and the Tobie from Bay Area Dance Watch for Best Male Solo. He was also a recent participant in ODC Theater's Sandbox residency program.