Drove V

Fall 2018

San Francisco, CA


Drove V Postcard Designed by Deirdre Weinberg

Drove V Postcard Designed by Deirdre Weinberg

Chlo & Co Dance presented Drove V at the Tenderloin Museum. Chlo & Co Dance was proud to curate an evening of Bay Area artists critically analyzing preservation. Drove V featured: Bellwether Dance Project | Malia Byrne | Michael D. Lee | requisitedance. Chlo & Co Dance presented a work in response to local Bay Area artist Deirdre Weinberg and her installation at the Tenderloin Museum.

Drove V Press Release 

Drove V Artists

Bellwether Dance Project
On That Clean Knife, pt. 2

Prompt: Please work with 4 dancers and investigate the idea of the environment/conditions necessary for preservation. How controlled is it? Delicate, rare, (vinegar). What is kept in this environment? What is not? Old books?

Choreography: Amy Foley/Bellwether Dance Project
Performance: Shareen DeRyan, Kaitlyn Ebert, Elena Martins, Juliann Witt
Music: Andrew Bird, My Bubba, Patsy Cline

Amy Foley: performer, teaching artist, choreographer, and artistic director of Bellwether Dance Project. Amy danced with Robert Moses’ KIN for over a decade and has performed locally and nationally as a member of Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, ODC/Dance, and many other Bay Area companies and independent choreographers. Amy teaches advanced contemporary technique at ODC Dance Commons and has been on faculty at Alonzo King's LINES Dance Center, and has taught master classes/workshops throughout the Bay Area and nationwide. With her company, Bellwether Dance Project, she delves into the ways we make meaning. She is the co-creator of SEAM (support and elevate artists mothers), which aims to support women's leadership in the dance field. Amy was a 2017 Safehouse Artist-in-Residence and is a 2018 MJDC CHIME award recipient.


Malia Byrne
hills and dales

Prompts: Please work with 3 dancers and investigate the idea of oral history and tradition. How stories change. The process of “passing down.” Telephone, the game - why does it fail? Why does it succeed

Choreography: Malia Byrne in collaboration with the dancers
Performance: Malia Byrne, Clarissa Dyas, Leroy Staples

Malia Byrne is an asian-caucasian american dance artist, facilitator, and creator.
she is interested in using her academic and experiential inquiries, specifically in peace&conflict studies and dance, to process, dismantle, and re-envision various systems of oppression and violence. She has the pleasure of working and performing with many friends and artists in the bay area, as well as being an artist facilitator for the Tenderloin-based community art company, skywatchers.


Michael D. Lee
Last Meditation

Prompt: Work with 4 dancers and your musician (!) and investigate the idea of human preservation. Traditional, ancient, calcified Embalming, “in memoriam”, mummification. Why do we preserve the body? Jars.

Choreography: Michael D. Lee
Performance: Hannah Westbrook, Colette Bakke Joy, Hannah Pierce, Twyla Malchow-Hay
Music: Live music by Andrew Harlan (Double bassist)

Michael D. Lee finished their Master of Fine Arts in Dance Choreography at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. With focuses on M own queer journey, M correlates their own experience with the LGBT History and Movement.


On becoming a Rose

Prompt: Investigate the idea of preserving memory in the body. Is it possible to truly preserve memory in its original form? How is memory/experience held in the body?

Choreography: Jenna Monroe, movement by dancers
Performance: Brianna Anthony, Erica Lopez, Joshua René Ornelas, Michaela Shoberg
Music: George Frideric Handel by Claudio Colombo

Founded in 2007 by Jenna Monroe and Michaela Shoberg, requisitedance focuses on bringing about discussion through performance, collaboration and education. Requisitedance uses humor, wit and emotional insight to craft stories exploring transformation and identity.