Drove VII

Spring 2019

ODC Dance Commons
in Studio B.
San Francisco, CA

DROVE VI Addressed temporality.

Drove VI

Chlo & Co Dance presented Drove VI at the ODC Dance Commons in Studio B. Chlo & Co Dance was proud to curate an evening of Bay Area artists addressing the theme of temporality. Drove VI featured: Call It Art | Molly Matutat | Reyes Dance | Unruly Body Tanztheater. Chlo & Co Dance presented a new work, Bloodline, exploring time and growth. They worked in collaboration with Australia based clothing designer Samantha Ives of Maker and Mineral, in costume design.

Drove VI Press Release

Drove VI Artists

Call It Art
A Sentiment in a Minor Key

Prompt: Focus on memories that are small and fleeting, that you feel have greatly affected you. How does it feel to pull them into your consciousness? What is it like to process them in the present and try to understand how they have affected you today?

Choreography: Kyle Limin
Performance: Bianca Mendoza, Dominique Hargrove, Elijah Joe, Kaylen Parker, Kyle Limin, Lacey Heffernan, Lucy Dillon, Rachel Rivera
Audio: Damien Rice, Jorja Smith, Lord Huron

Kyle Limin is a Dance Educator, Choreographer, and Performing Artist. He's the Founder/Director of Call It Art, and teaches at city dance studios, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Nor Cal Dance Arts, In the Groove Studios, and in schools ranging from elementary to university level.


Molly Matutat
Pace Imperfect

Prompt: What are the distinct eras that define the Bay Area? How are they characterized? What do they feel like? How do we picture the Bay Area today?

Choreography: Molly Matutat in collaboration with dancers
Performance: Jessica Bozzo, Jocelyn Reyes, Erin Yen, Leesha Zieber
Audio: Todd Reynolds

Molly Matutat is a dance artist native to SF. She received training from SF Ballet School, City Ballet, and Cal State Long Beach where she discovered a passion for choreography. Since then she has participated in Boston Ballet’s Choreographic Intensive, Mark Foehringer’s Young Choreographers Forum, and ODC’s Pilot Program 70.


Hogar Querido

Prompt: How has one single space changed over time? This could be a street corner, under the bed, a historical structure, etc. How does this change affect you and your community?

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes
Performance: Sade Barnwell, Jessica Bozzo, Taylor Jordan
Audio: Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, Guillermo Webster, Jocelyn Reyes

Jocelyn Reyes is a contemporary choreographer, performer and teaching artist. Reyes earned a B.A. in Dance and a B.S. in Cognitive Science from UCLA, and has presented choreography at LA/SF performances including LEVYSalon, MFDP Young Choreographer’s Forum, PUSHFest 2018, SAFEHouse RAW, Mbongui Square Festival and REDCAT Studio.


A study in the phenomenology of time in the dancing body

Prompt: How does time collect? Whether visible (e.g. souvenirs, dead flowers, notes, photos) or invisible (e.g. pain in your knee, stored thoughts, emotions).

Choreography: KJ Dahlaw
Performance: KJ Dahlaw, Juliet Paramor, Hilary Snider, Ezra Unterseher, Hannah Young.
Audio: Gyorgy Ligeti

Unruly Body Tanztheater is a project of Artistic Director KJ Dahlaw, designed to disrupt the logic of hegemony in the Body, oriented towards a queer futurity. UBT is an inter-disciplinary, eco-somatic dance theater project of embodiment.