Drove VII

Stephen Texeira Photography

Stephen Texeira Photography

October 4 & 5, 8:00pm

Columbia City Theater
Seattle, Washington

Drove VII continues
research on temporality.

Chlo & Co Dance presents Drove VII at Columbia City Theater in Seattle, Washington. Chlo & Co Dance is proud to curate an evening of artists addressing the theme of temporality, continuing the conversation started in Drove VI in San Francisco, CA. Drove VII features: AVID | The Bonnies| Megan Margaret Moore | Meredith Pellon | Maia Veague. Special performance by the Maggie Laird Trio.

Drove VII is unique as it pairs each artist not only with a creative prompt but a corresponding Bay Area artist from Drove VI. Drove VI & Drove VII artists will engage in conversation throughout the process. The Drove VII performance will be followed by a talk-back which will aim to highlight this experience and build camaraderie within the West Coast dance scene.

Drove VII will include a special performance by the Maggie Laird Trio. The trio features Maggie Laird (keyboard and vocals) and Todd Zimberg (drums), parents to Chloë Zimberg, as well as Dennis Staskowski (bass). Laird released her first solo album in 2015, reviewed by All About Jazz: "One More Manhattan unveils Laird's versatility, from vocal jazz to country to pop. Laird balances it all with a soulful, sexy vocal style and stellar instrumentation from her top-drawer band." Drove VII will be the first time the Laird-Zimberg family share a stage.

Drove is a twice-annual evening curated by Chlo & Co Dance. Courtney King and Chloë Zimberg invite artists to create work in response to given prompts that address an overarching theme for the evening. The evening is curated to create a diverse community of artists by providing them a venue and visibility for their work without the need to produce their own platform.

Drove VII Press Release

Drove VII Artists

Aurelio Ayala

Aurelio Ayala


AVID is a Seattle-based dance company committed to interweaving art and life. Founded in 2014, the five co-creators (Aaron Swartzman, Tamin Totzke, Scott Davis, Aiko Kinoshita, and Rachael Lincoln) meet regularly in an unwavering practice of ensemble improvisation. Our time together has fostered an evolving framework for this practice, an endless stream of questions and, most importantly, the conviction that our deep trust in each other and in the unknown is both relevant and essential. Our questions are vast, from why move? to the value of leaving vs. joining. Yet, both on and off stage, an overarching theme continuously reappears: how to bring the “all” of who we are, individually and collectively, into our practice; creating a level of honesty that anchors us in our humanity.

Corresponding Bay Area Artist: Unruly Body Tanztheater

Prompt: How does time collect? Whether visible (e.g. souvenirs, dead flowers, notes, photos) or invisible (e.g. pain in your knee, stored thoughts, emotions).

Jenny Peterson

Jenny Peterson

The Bonnies

Kaitlin McCarthy and Jenny Peterson have been making strange performance works together and independently in Seattle, WA since 2013. Their art was once derided in the local press as "obviously the work of youth." Jenny has danced with the Pat Graney Company since 2008, and Kaitlin has danced with Alice Gosti since 2014.

Corresponding Bay Area Artist: Chlo & Co Dance

Prompt: Examine the friendship between you and your creative partner; reflect on the stretch of time, the amount of change, and interpret the growth you have shared or noticed in one another.



Megan Margaret Moore

Megan Margaret Moore is a Seattle based movement artist who graduated with a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in May 2019. She began her training in Cecchetti completing up to grade 9, and had the opportunity to later travel to New York for the YAGP finals, and the New Prague Dance Festival with Huntington Beach High School’s, APA. Since attending Cornish, Megan has choreographed 8 original works, rehearsal directed for Wade Madsen, and has developed an interest in incorporating theater and comedy into her work.

Corresponding Bay Area Artist: Molly Matutat

Prompt: What are distinct eras that define Seattle? How are they characterized? What do they feel like? How do we picture Seattle today? How do we see/feel change in the area over time?

Jim Coleman

Jim Coleman

Meredith Pellon

Meredith Pellon is a graduate of the BFA dance program at The University of the Arts. Since relocating to Seattle, Meredith has presented work at Performance Lab at On The Boards, Converge Dance Festival, and Monomyth I produced by Tuya Vale Artist Collective, and Seattle International Dance Festival.

Corresponding Bay Area Artist: Call It Art

Prompt: Focus on memories that are small and fleeting, that you feel have greatly affected you. How does it feel to pull them into your consciousness? What is it like to process them in the present and try to understand how they have affected you today?

Michelle Smith-Lewis

Michelle Smith-Lewis

Maia Veague

Maia Veague holds a doctorate in chiropractic and uses practice to draw influence and investigate choreographic ideas. Her performance works explore physical and internal space, corporeal versus transcendent inhabiting of body, and perceived experience through environment. She uses dance to consider the anthropological evolution of consciousness, inquiring whether we are worthy of the privilege.

Corresponding Bay Area Artist: REYES Dance

Prompt: How has one single space changed over time? This could be a street corner, under the bed, a historical structure, etc. How does this change affect you and your community?


Special Performance

Janice Randall

Janice Randall

Maggie Laird Trio

Vocalist/pianist/songwriter Maggie Laird performs originals, jazz standards, and a range of multi-genre favorites. Laird has had a diverse career as a stage actress, the  music director for countless theatrical productions, and as a singer and pianist in several genres ranging from swing to rock. She hit the Seattle scene with the original New Wave group, Blackwood-Laird, spent the '90's working on cruise ships and honing new skills, and from 2000 on, performed as vocalist for the acclaimed Island Jazz Quintet. Both bands released recordings receiving wide airplay and acclaim. One More Manhattan is Laird’s first solo album, and in many ways reflects all these experiences, each song with a distinctive style and atmosphere, uniquely entertaining and infectious.

Drove VI


Call It Art | Molly Matutat | REYES Dance | Unruly Body Tanztheater

Stephen Texeira Photography