Kind Words


The Contemporary Jewish Museum

"The Contemporary Jewish Museum has twice commissioned the duo to perform in conjunction with exhibitions. They choreographed an elegant dance to a kinetic sculpture by Bay Area artist Ned Kahn that they performed during Night at the Jewseum. The dance mirrored the rotational movements of the sculpture and gave the audience a delightfully novel means to experience a relationship among art forms.

Because of the excellence of their work, I invited them to perform at Night at the Jewseum a year later. This time they danced in several gallery spaces, enlivening the galleries and connecting the exhibition themes with dance. Their performances enriched the evening and made being in the galleries even more magical for our audiences. Guests expressed their delight at the unexpected encounters.

Chloë and Courtney are professional and lovely to interact with as performers and as people. I am excited to see what they develop as their careers progress." - March 16, 2018

Gravity Goldberg, Director Of Public Programs and Visitor Experience


DORE Dance ComPany

"I am a friend, a director and previous collaborator with Chlo & Co Dance. I first met these young dancers at my audition in 2014 for a company I started in San Francisco. These ladies came with professionalism, curiosity and focus. Working with them closely in a choreographer-dancer relationship for the first few years I found the rehearsal process to be rewarding and innovative. As other projects emerged I had the opportunity to travel with a few of my dancers. I chose Chlo & Co Dance to tag along, not only for the performance opportunity, to also support them as emerging artists themselves. They came with great attitudes and supported fellow dancers. Throughout each rehearsal process, new project or show they were marvelous performers. I have continued to see their growth as choreographers, dancers and advocates for their community; I am truly excited to see what their next project entails." - April 8, 2018

Stephanie Golden, Director


Little Boxes Theater

"Little Boxes Theater awarded a spot in its artist-in-residency program, Project: Open Box, to Chlo & Co Dance nearly three years ago. The intention behind the program was to offer emerging artists a platform to create original work, idealizing that if young artists were given a start, they could thrive. Three years and over a dozen performing arts groups later Chlo & Co Dance is still one of the most successful groups to come through our program...their annual show, Drove (originated here at Little Boxes Theater), is continuing into its fifth year! It's gratifying just to know these two dynamic young artist and see them thrive in their element." - June 22, 2018

Kitty Linskey & Aaron Simunovich