Chlo & Co Dance Fundraiser: The Future
to Jun 1

Chlo & Co Dance Fundraiser: The Future

Recently, as we gathered and weighed what we have accomplished, Chloë and I discussed what our goals are for the future, as Chlo & Co Dance.

We want to grow the Drove and pursue fiscal sponsorship by 2019.

In order to take these steps, we need your support.

We are currently working on our newest project, Basic, which will premiere at the Joe Goode Annex onMay 11&12 as part of Drove IV
The Drove is a twice-annual evening curated by Chloë and myself. We invite artists from the Bay Area to create work in response to prompts that we curate to address an overarching theme for the evening. We aim to create a diverse community of emerging and early-professional artists, and provide them a venue and visibility for their work without the need to self-produce.

For Drove IVChloë and I decided that we would underwrite the cost of renting a venue and producing on a scale larger than Droves I-III. We are asking for support to help cover the costs of:

- Rental and Production
- Artist Fees
- Marketing Supplies
- Secure source of Income

Monetary support in these areas will help ensure the possibility of Drove V and the goal of becomingfiscally sponsored

Any support that you offer is greatly appreciated. We hope that we will continue to grow and learn from the Bay Area community which has offered us so much already. Please feel welcome to send us an email if you have specific questions.

With gratitude,
Courtney King, Co-Artistic Director of Chlo & Co Dance

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Drove IV
to May 12

Drove IV

Chlo & Co Dance and the Joe Goode Annex present the Drove IV. Chlo & Co Dance is proud to curate an evening of Bay Area artists unpacking the nuance of human need. The Drove IV features work from:

Jaq H. Dalziel



Call It Art / Kyle Limin

ReadyMaids / Rachael Clevelend

Chlo & Co Dance will premier Basic. The company’s newest project investigates of how various needs manifest, resonate, and affect the body. Loosely borrowing from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the duo is interested in exploring the differences between individual experience of need and what could be universal. Guest artists join by diving into specific categories of basic human needs. 

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to Apr 8


Chlo & Co Dance will premiere a segment of their new Spring work.

LEVYsalon is a micro-residency program designed to give up-and-coming artists of all disciplines a platform for expression and experimentation. Each quarter, we invite ten artists or ensembles to spend ten hours each at LEVYstudio to play, take risks, and make something new. The program concludes with an evening showcase, and each artist/ensemble presents five minutes of their work in progress.

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to Jun 22

The Drove III

Part of the National Queer Arts Festival

Chlo & Co Dance hosted, curated and performed the third Drove. Presented the final rendition of Illuminati, a piece shaped from airplanes, clouds and turning left. Also showed a short dance theater piece, 21 First Moves for the Professional Dancer, ft. Chloë.

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to Dec 10

The Drove: Are You Having Fun Yet?

Chlo & Co Dance hosted, curated and performed in “The Drove” -- an evening of performances from the local dance community. Performed five vignettes four of which were new; Melancholy MillennialsWomb Women, Sorrow Sisters, and Grim Girls, Appearing Tonight As.

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