to Apr 8


Chlo & Co Dance will premiere a segment of their new Spring work.

LEVYsalon is a micro-residency program designed to give up-and-coming artists of all disciplines a platform for expression and experimentation. Each quarter, we invite ten artists or ensembles to spend ten hours each at LEVYstudio to play, take risks, and make something new. The program concludes with an evening showcase, and each artist/ensemble presents five minutes of their work in progress.

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to Jun 22

The Drove III

Part of the National Queer Arts Festival

Chlo & Co Dance hosted, curated and performed the third Drove. Presented the final rendition of Illuminati, a piece shaped from airplanes, clouds and turning left. Also showed a short dance theater piece, 21 First Moves for the Professional Dancer, ft. Chloë.

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to Dec 10

The Drove: Are You Having Fun Yet?

Chlo & Co Dance hosted, curated and performed in “The Drove” -- an evening of performances from the local dance community. Performed five vignettes four of which were new; Melancholy MillennialsWomb Women, Sorrow Sisters, and Grim Girls, Appearing Tonight As.

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